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Should I Got a Fake Id with My Real name [real story]

Got a fake id with Real name VS Fake Name? This is actually pretty interesting Topic for fake ids as many customers asked me this question, I made a search on google, only found this case study from a Lawer site. Checkherefor this article:

In this article, they told if you are using a fake ID, then you may have to face two possible consequences.

Though these things almost never happen, we still advise you to use a real name when ordering.

Here, we have provided the life story oftwo college freshman, Reactive Bob, and Proactive Meg, and what are the consequences they have faced by the law by using the fake IDs.

Disclaimer:  Reader must understand that this article is not supporting or encouraging anyone to get a fake ID.  Well, we strongly suggest our younger readers to choose to play monopoly or bowling with friends instead of taking risks to have fun.

Reactive Bob has graduated high school recently and he had to register only for the last summer course because of the delay.  Bob’s main aim is to register for classes, however, he heard some individuals talking about the sixth street and how much fun they are going to have. Genuinely, he said to them that you need to be an adult or above 21years to have fun. Those younger lads said to Bob that you just need to get a fake ID. They also said to him that at IDPLUG.PH he can get a group discount if he includes his friends too.

A girl Proactive Meg met Bob at the summer course after attending the course for a few weeks, and she texted Bob that she and her friends want to buy two fake IDs from ID God. She asked Bob also to join the group.  Bob was very excited as he doesn’t want to miss the fun, so he joined them in getting the fake ID. Meg asked Bob what name he wants to use on the ID. Bob started thinking that when he is getting a fake ID, which is an already illegal thing, he is doing, so he thought why not use a fake name. He also thought it will be safe to use a fake name so that even if he loses it and cops find it, then they cannot track him and arrest him.

Use a Fake Name and Go to Jail:

Bobgave a good thought and hechooses to use a fake name.Mark Fenves, he thought he woulduse this nameas it imitates the UT president name, Dean Fenves. Before moving into the dorm, all his friends got their fake IDs.

Meg invited him on the same night to go out and have fun at Sixth Street with other friends.  The place looked wild and people were everywhere, the street is filled with loud and booming music coming out from the clubs. Bob, Meg, and friends first went to a Maggie Mae’s Bar, they waited in a line for an hour, as the line was moving very slow and older people coming and joining the line in the middle. Finally, Bob’s turn came, he gave his fake ID to bouncer, the bouncer looks at the ID and he looks at Bob and again looks back at the ID. Bouncer asks Bob to tell his address.

Bob started stumbling with his words, then immediately bouncer gave the ID to a covet police officer. The officer pulled Bob aside and told him that he is going to take away his fake ID.  The police officer asked Bob to show his real driver’s license.  Bob took out his wallet and took out his real driver’s license and handed it to the officer.

The officer told Bob that he will write a Citation and release Bob for Identity Fraud for tonight.  Instead of taking Bob to jail, the police officer chose to write a citation. But the citation means Bob has to surrender himself at the Austin Jail.

Identity Fraud is Class of an Offense:

  • Identity Fraud, which means you may have to pay 4000 dollars fine and go to jail for one year
  • If you are convicted, then you may never get to work that needs a license such as an accountant, teacher, lawyer, or doctor.  Identity Fraud is a crime of moral corruption.
  • Austin Statesman will circulate your mugshot.
  • Busted Newspaper will circulate your mugshot.
  • Austin Police will circulate your mugshot.
  • Even if you try to use your older brother or sister’s real ID, it is still considered as identity fraud

Use Your Real Name and Get a Ticket:

Meg was behind Bob in line, before she understood what’s happening with Bob, she handed her fake ID already to the bouncer. Now, she was pulled aside by another undercover police officer and he told that he will take away her fake ID.  The next step is that the police officer asked to show her real Driver’s License. Meg took out her driver’s license from her purse and handed it to the officer, and on both the ID cards it has the same name, Proactive Meg. The officer told her that he will write Ticket for tonight for using a Fake ID.

Falsification of Age by a Minor is a Class C Offense:

  • Fake Id with the real name is also a class of offense, which is similar to speeding tickets.
  • Misrepresentation of Age means you may have to pay 500 dollars fine.  
  • For this fraud, you don’t have to go to jail and no mugshots.

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