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What Is a Fake ID

Fake ID or IDF (Identity Document Forgery), is a procedure in which the governing bodies issued identity documents, which are copied or modified by individuals. These individuals are not certified to produce such documents or take on modifications. Currently, borrowed IDs are the most standard ID fraud method, followed by Altered IDs and Fake IDs.

Borrowed IDs – The Most Common Form of ID Fraud:

It is considered as the most standard form of ID fraud. According to the estimated reports around 95 percent of all types of ID fraud, are originated from borrowed ID. You can find various sources to get a borrowed Id for minors by using the older sibling ID, an older friend, or get a stranger’s ID through friend networks and friends.

Here is how you can find the borrowed ID:

  1. Check the individual face and compare the photo on the ID.


  1. Check other physical descriptors such as weight and height.
  2. Check if you can find duplicate card signs like the “DUPL” stamp.
  3. Ask Questions
  4. Look for expire date
  5. To check the personal data on the card, ask the cardholder relevant qestions.
  6. Get a signature and check if it is matching up with the signature on the card.
  7. To check the personal data on the card, ask the cardholder relevant questions.
  8. Looks for deceit signs
  9. Intentionally mispronounce their name or don’t use their middle initial to check if the cardholder automatically gives the right information.
  10. Look for pretention signs.

If you have noticed that the cardholder is trying to avoid eye contact, display strange hesitation while answering, try to intimidate, behave nervously, or do they stare upwards.

Fake IDs:

In an attempt to maintain sustain the modern security developments or real IDs, fake ID manufacturers are using modern and advanced technology to produce fake IDs that look very much real. The internet is the main resource that allows the fraudsters to buy these IDs. The perfect way to find fake IDs is to do a physical and visual examination of the ID, and get to know the real ID in your community.

Physical inspection of the ID:

  • Check the rigidity of the card. It is important because a fake ID will have a different thickness or weight compared to the real ID.  Squeeze the ID gently to find if the card feels strong and right.
  • Check the edges of the card because most of the ID cards contain round edges. If you feel the edges are square, then it is probably the fake ID card.
  • Check the corners of the real ID card, as the real ID card corners cannot be peeled or split. If you can see the peel or spill on the corners of the ID card, then it is a fake ID card.
  • Check the front and back of the ID card. Find if there are any ridges, bumps, and irregularities, and if you find any, then it is a fake ID card.  

 Visual inspection of the ID:

  • See the overall appearance of the card like coloration/fonts patterns, and look for any identified security features that are present on real IDs. Perform a general visual examination.
  • View the back of the ID card, it is important because most of the fake ID creators take a lot of care to duplicate the front of the ID card, and they do not put more effort into the back.

There are 3 main types of fake IDs that include:

  • Forged IDs
  • Stolen IDs
  • Altered  IDs


Fake id or idf(Identity Document Forgery).Is a procedure in which the governing bodies issued identity documents,which are copied or modified by individuals .There are 3 main types of fake ids that include below
Altered ids are real ids,but part of the real information is altered.This is very common among young and underage teens who try alter their date of birth to buy alcohol or to get entry into nightclubs or bars


what is a fake id, learn 3 types of fake id

Forged IDs:

Forged IDs are not real IDs and these are created by any other individual but the government. These are produced to create a false identity of an individual. Forged IDs are of two types, one is Front Forgery and the other one is Front & Back Forgery.

Front Forgery:

Most of these fake ID creators put more effort into Front Forgery. They create a front part of the ID to look real and legitimate. These fake IDs include stolen personal details and a picture of the imposter. The IDs barcodes are unscannable or they do not provide any determined information when scanned.

A plain and simple ID scanner can easily spot forgery ID cards with front forgery and you can easily check if the barcode can be scanned and if it has any determined information. This process is called ID parsing.  

Currently, Forged IDs are getting more urbane, and over 60 percent of Fake IDs having details in their barcodes. So, just by using the parsing technology to find if the encoded details exist in the card is not enough as it can easily validate the Fake IDs.

Front & Back Forgery:

With this forgery type, not just the front of the ID looks legitimate, but also the back of the ID looks legitimate and the barcode also contains details that match the stolen ID information.  Front & Back forgery is hard to detect even with the latest technologies. The best way to find fake IDs is by verifying with the trusted ID database.

Altered ID:

Altered IDs are real IDs, but part of the real information is altered.  This is very common among young and underage teens who try to alter their date of birth to buy alcohol or to get entry into nightclubs or bars.

These kinds of changes mostly mess the security features of ID like its special and tactile color printing. That is why if you observe for the security features of the issuing State of the ID can help you find the changes in the ID card.

Stolen ID:

Stolen IDs are real IDs that belong to another person. Sometimes the stolen IDs are used by fraudsters without any alteration.  This can happen mostly when the probes book for apartments online, as they don’t need to confirm their identity by matching their faces with the ID image.

Online ID certification methods like Checkpoint ID’s as it uses facial identification to match the ID of prospects pictures against their faces.

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